Move Your Money Out Of Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo continues to foreclose on numerous homeowners.  We see the devastation this causes families.  Men, women and children are homeless due to Wells Fargo’s greed, callous despicable acts.  Children have fallen victim to their treacherous evictions.  Wells Fargo rips innocent homeowners from their homes, children from the only lives they know, elderly and infirm from the safety of a roof over their heads.  Don’t think for a moment that bothers Wells CEO, John Stumpf.  He could care less.  Let’s tell grubby old John Stumpf that we don’t care for him or his greedy bank. This is our time to show Wells Fargo that we will no longer contribute to their ability to take our homes away from us, nor will we continue to fund their lavish lifestyles while “We the people” live in poverty.

Please stand with our friends at Occupy Fights Foreclosure, as they host two events. 


When:  June 3, 2012

Where:  415-396-7018

Tell Wells:   “I am calling you to notify you that I am supporting the National “Move Your Money Out of Wells Fargo” Day on June 22nd in support of disabled homeowner Ms. Harolyn Rhue, who is being wrongfully evicted by Wells Fargo.  I have pledged to notify my friends, my family, and the public via social networks and flyers on the national “Move Your Money Out of Wells Fargo” day in support of Ms. Harolyn Rhue.”


When:     June 22, 2013

Info:         Please see Occupyfightsforeclosure.org for more info. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to tell Wells Fargo, enough is enough, stop, basta ya! Please support Occupy Fights Foreclosure as a victory for one, is a victory for all. 

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